Shire Wellbeing Festival

A unique online event
May 29-31st 2020


Q. What is the Shire Wellbeing Festival?
This unique 3 day Wellbeing Festival offers you free online access to our community’s elders, leaders and teachers in wellbeing, celebrities, athletes and musicians.
Q. Why are you doing this event?
Wellbeing and resilience are important attributes for any community to flourish. We have some amazing specialists and skills in the Sutherland Shire and wanted to showcase the knowledge to educate, inspire and provide access to solutions for the Sutherland Shire residents and workers
Q. When does the 2020 Shire Wellbeing Festival take place?
May 29-May 31st
Q. Is it all online?
Q. What is happening when?
Check our website for all of the details:
Q. Who is part of the festival?
Check our website for all of the details
Q. How can I access the content?
All of the content is accessible via the Shire Wellbeing Festival Facebook page You just go to the page to view the content, no registration required.
Q. Is the content live?
Some of the content will be live, but a lot has been pre-recorded
Q. Will the content be recorded?
Yes it will
Q. Where can I access the recorded content?
All of the recordings are available via the Shire Wellbeing Festival Facebook Page
Q. Do I need to register for seessions?
Q. I saw on Eventbrite that the festival is cancelled?
The festival is going ahead and we are super excited!
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