Join us virtually via Zoom and Video!
October 8th - 10th, 2021

Welcome to the 2021
Shire Wellbeing Festival!

In such fluid times, it’s easy to allow fear and anxiety to dominate.
It doesn’t have to be that way!
The second Shire Wellbeing Festival has been designed to give you the knowledge, tools and perspectives to inspire and supercharge your health and wellness journey.
We can all rise if we want to!
And that’s why the theme of this year’s
Shire Wellbeing Festival is ‘Rise Up’.

Please consider donating

The Shire Wellbeing Festival is a community-driven project created to spread hope and optimism. It’s important that as many people have access to these life changing  tools that can help them feel physically and psychologically safe. But to continue our efforts, we’re reliant on financial donations from people who share our passion for sharing knowledge & tools. 
Every single donation – no matter how small – means so much.
By donating, you will be supporting the wellbeing of the people in our communities, helping people to RISE UP and be the best version of the person they could be. 
In gratitude:
Monique, Lawrence and Vicki
The Shire Wellbeing Festival

Festival Schedule


Friday October 8

Saturday October 9

Sunday October 10


How your gut could heal your brain 

Professor Emad M El-Omar,  Professor of Medicine Microbiome Research Centre 

hosted by Zhenya Gherson

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