Shire Wellbeing Festival

A unique online event
May 29-31st 2020
Be.. Inspired. Educated. Connected.
This unique 3 day festival features a variety of online content from the Shire's community of knowledgeable and respected leaders and teachers in wellbeing, alongside some of our most talented celebrities and athletes.

Join Us for a Unique Online Experience!

Something for Everyone

  • Wake up at sunrise for meditation followed by yoga, or a virtual gym session.

  • Listen to experts in their fields in our daily ‘health summits’.

  • Have fun in our creative corner or participate in educational skills workshops.

  • Drop in for lunch at our virtual celebrity café to hear from local celebrities sharing about their wellbeing journey.

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Friday 29th May

Body Wellness

Saturday 30th May

Mindset and Emotions

Sunday 31st May

Community and Connection

Sunrise Mantras and Meditation with IndiaJiva
  • IndiaJiva
    World-renowned fusion music duo

Join Indiajiva  for the Festival opening honouring an intention of love, gratitude, health, wellness and harmony for our planet and its citizens. They will be singing songs of peace and healing from their musical repertoire and will demonstrate how the therapeutic power of singing mantras can be used as a form of deep meditation and has enormous power to change brain physiology, raise consciousness and positively contribute to our life experiences.

“IndiaJiva” are Shire based multi-instrumentalists and composers Ron Ragel and Vicki Hansen, who have carved a niche for themselves in the field of world fusion music – creating a new synthesis in sound, transporting their audiences and listeners beyond the borders of both East and West. They perform an array of traditional and modern instruments that appeals deeply despite its contemporary feel it still succeeds in keeping the meditative nuances of its traditional roots and sends the listener effortlessly spinning into states of bliss



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Yoga Hub Hatha - Boost your Immunity
  • Nic Whiteman
    Nic Whiteman
    Yoga and meditation facilitator

Nic is a yoga and meditation teacher, and teacher trainer. She is passionate about sharing the blessings Yoga has gifted her over 27 years of practice and making Yoga accessible to everybody. Her boutique studio and online offering are a realised dream of sharing all the wonderful benefits Yoga delivers both on and off the mat. She specialises in core conditioning, breath work & meditation coaching, developing and living in a Yogic mindset, Yoga therapy and rehabilitation.

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Virtual Gym Animal Flow - Beginner Class
  • Nikki Rubino
    Nikki Rubino
    Personal Trainer and Animal Flow Teacher

Not confined to a mat you will discover movement and control through all ranges of motion.

Get strong, unlock tight joints, gain control back of your movement patterns. Re-connect with your total body, through activations, breathwork & syncronised motion. You will learn a 3 piece flow sequence you can take anywhere.

Nikki has been an Animal Flow instructor & Personal Trainer for 3 years. Coming from an office background she felt her body getting tight, sore and forever feeling stiff. Weight lifting programs were getting tough and the body was just not moving well - at only 33 she went in search of other forms of movement. Animal Flow bridged the gap between the mobility and flexibility she needed and the strength and endurance she craved from a session. Overcoming hip, shoulder and ankle injuries from other forms of training, Nikki is now moving pain free and able to control her body in ways she had never dreamed of. Going through the process she is excited to help others unlock their own movement potential.

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Wellbeing through connecting to Nature Dean Kelly, Indigenous Community Leader
  • Dean Kelly
    Dean Kelly
    National Park Community Liason Officer

Aboriginal elder, speaker and National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Aboriginal community liaison officer, Dean Kelly loves to give back to the community. He received an Australia Day community services award for his work conducting ­cultural camps and passing down his intergenerational knowledge to indigenous youth. He speaks about the three pillars of learning in traditional Aboriginal culture – respect, patience and observation – and how knowledge was passed from generation to generation following these pillars. Also the importance of all people’s mental, physical and spiritual connections with the land and between elements of the land and their own health.


He regularly teaches on the land with youth, and says he passes on stories that “old fellas told me” to younger generations and taught them about traditional bush food and bush medicine that their ­ancestors had been using for tens of thousands of years. “Nature is the greatest teacher of all”.

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Celebrity Cafe A conversation with Carmello Pesce, Sutherland Shire Mayor and Rod Coy, Chair, Sutherland Shire Relay for Life
  • Carmello Pesce and Rod Coy
    Carmello Pesce and Rod Coy

Join us at Bianchini, Elouera, for an informal chat between two good friends and important local figures and in the Shire. 

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Cooking Corner Wholesome Foods to Help Heal Your Gut -
  • Raquel Bousostow
    Raquel Bousostow
    Owner, MadameFoodie

Join Madame Foodie for a fun and engaging cooking demonstration

-         Asian Chicken Noodle Ball Soup (perfect for this time of year!)

-        Dukkah Sesame Tofu

-        Turmeric Coconut Fish

All meals are gluten, dairy and sugar free.


Raquel Bosustow is the proud owner of Madame Foodie, a wholesome meal delivery service operating for over 7 years in the shire. Raquel started her healthy food journey over 20 years ago by creating My Personal Chef catering for Sydney Swans, Channel 7 and many, many functions to then creating her second business, Organics Only, which was a delivery service of goodness all over Sydney. Raquel’s expertise comes from her own personal health challenges and found a niche in the

market for excellent quality gluten, sugar and dairy free meals. Her drive, determination,

passion and love of serving others are the key factors to her success.

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Shire Sounds Music with Andrew Moverley and Kim Girdlestone
  • Andrew Moverley
    Andrew Moverley
  • Kim Girdlestone
    Kim Girdlestone

Kim Girdlestone, is a Sydney based singer/songwriter. Distinguished by her rich, distinct and emotive voice, Kim hits the crossroads of Soul, Blues and Folk. Her music alternates between highlights of daisy-chain yellows and lowlights of battlefield blues.

Andrew Moverley a singer songwriter originally from Wales, he has spent many a years playing in the pubs and clubs of the Welsh valleys where the Welsh take up every opportunity for a good old fashion sing song. He ventured to Australia in 2015 in search of the sun and surf. He can be found playing music around Cronulla where he hosts a monthly Open Mic at Mia’s Cronulla and plays in the band The Neighbourhood. Andrew ‘Sundance’ Moverley has a playful covers approach to have you tapping your feet (maybe even dancing) and singing along.

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Live! Gut Summit A panel of experts discuss health and the microbiome

 Part 1: Microbiome for general health, the Master System      Part 2: Microbiome and prenatal care, your microbiome is your babies microbiomeWe’re living in an exciting time! Modern science and ancient wisdom are coming together to prove the link between our digestive or gut health and our overall wellbeing. So many illnesses start in the gut and the good news is that if we can take targeted action to support our gut health, we will start to experience significant improvements in our energy, our mood and our overall vitality.

'Of all the areas of wellness, there's more conflicting information in the areas of nutrition and digestive health than anywhere else. 

Join us live and get your questions answered by our expert panel'

This is a golden opportunity to cut through the hype and discover how to upgrade your own gut health.

Places are limited: register now

 Your expert panellists

We have brought together an amazing team of experts, led by Zhenya Gerson, a Cronulla local who has been working in the field of gut health for the last 17 years.

Our Host: Zhenya Gherson
Zhenya, an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Wellness Consultant and Yoga Instructor, is driven to empower people to be aware of their own bodies, to live a healthy life and make conscious decisions about their own health and for their personal wellbeing.

Professor Emad M El-Omar, the Director of the Microbiome Research Centre/UNSW, St George Hospital

 Naomi Strout, BNurs GradDipMid(Dist) MACN MACM, the Executive Officer & Project Manager for the MothersBabies Study

 Isabelle Ibrahim, BNurs, the Research Officer at the Microbiome Research Centre and the clinical project manager for the Healthy Optimal Australian Microbiome (HOAM) Study.

Heather Elliott is a Naturopathic Physician and Licenced Chinese Medicine practitioner.

Heather has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She Possesses a Bachelor of Health and Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the University of Technology, Sydney: she has an Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathic Medicine, Bio Medical Herbalist, Clinical Nutrition and Homeopathy

 Sharon Hespe aka The Good Gut Girl is a degree qualified naturopath who specialises in gut health.

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Life Skills Low Tox Living

Kalli Fardoulis is the founder of Blown Away Hair Spa, Souther Sydney’s Low Toxin & Holistic Salon. Kalli is passionate about inspiring, educating and empowering individuals with health solutions naturally. Holistically improving women’s lives for a happier and fulfilling life.  After overcoming fertility challenges of her own naturally, Kalli broadened her knowledge and skills studying Holistic Health Coaching and Reiki Healing, which enables her to further help individuals that visit the salon and attend her workshops.


Michelle Hyslop - Owner and Master Skin Technician

Michelle has been treating in the beauty industry since 2002 and during that time has

expanded her knowledge and expertise within a range of areas including experience within

Sydney's 5 Star day spas, laser hair removal and photo-rejuvenation and even specialised in training and recruitment for some of Sydney's top hair and beauty salons. Michelle is also a qualified Life Coach and NLP practitioner. Her passion for the industry thrives from the happiness of the people she works on and with.

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Wellness Zone Kylie Bernoth and Hollie Berrie Sleeman
  • Ky Bernoth
    Ky Bernoth
    Owner, Odonata Mind Body Soul

Hollie and Ky will help deepen your understanding of the two way street of the mind and body, That one can not be separated from the other. The power that our conscious and subconscious mind, thoughts and beliefs have on our body and overall health. And how our physical wellbeing, gut health and biochemistry feed back to our brain and nervous system function.

Naturopath, medicine woman, healer and guardian of the ocean and earth. Ky has been attuned to the natural rhythms of our bodies and the earth since she was a child. Her experience in health and wellness spans over 25yrs, she has been involved in elite sports coaching, has lectured in health at universities and colleges, and manages her own wellbeing business for the past 11yrs. Ky has studied formally in Health Sciences, Naturopathy, Ethnobotany and Complementary Medicines and on the ground with Indigenous Australian, Maori Healing and also Amazonian shamanic teachings. 

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Creative Corner Interactive Body Percussion
  • Renee King
    Renee King
    Registered music therapist

A fun way to activate body awareness while developing fine and gross motor skills, self-expression and coordination skills.

Based in the Sutherland Shire, Renée has been a professional musician for over 10 years. Renée has a love for playing her most primary instrument, the bass guitar, she has been playing bass guitar for over 15 years. After completing her Master's in Creative Music Therapy at Western Sydney University at the end of 2018, Renée decided to continue sharing her creative music expertise with the world whilst passionately incorporating her interpersonal and intuitive skills to help others. Renée has a wide range of experience working with children and adults with disabilities alongside professional RMTs and Allied Health Practitioners. As a Music Therapist Renée is dedicated to contributing to her local community to create a safe therapeutic space for children, adults and elderly with a wide range of abilities. Renée mindfully works in the present moment to intuitively connect with clients, giving them space to self express, develop communication skills, enhance social engagement plus much more through music and music related activities. 

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Skills Workshop How to make Kombucha
  • Heather Mitchell
    Heather Mitchell
    Raw Energy

Heather Mitchell is a director at Raw Energy, which encourages Resilience, Authenticity and Wellbeing through a life of balance or EQUILIBRIUM. She is also a highly experienced kombucha maker, having made over 5,000 litres in her time!  She knows all about the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to making kombucha.  She is going to take you through her key learnings when it comes to making kombucha, to be able to get you started on your own brew of this highly nutritious gut elixir.

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Buddhist Meditation Wellbeing and the Bigger Picture
  • Ayya Yeshe
    Ayya Yeshe
    Buddhist Nun, Founder of Bodhicitta Foundation
It's natural to want to be happy and find ways to connect with peace and have less stress. How can these things be related to a wider framework for altruism, meaning, connecting to source, service, healing for ourselves, the earth and offering real justice in the world?
Ayya Yeshe, a sacred chants artist, Buddhist nun of 19 years and published author will lead us in guided meditation and a brief talk on peace, healing and the bigger picture.
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Sunrise Meditation Happy Healthy Minds
  • Shivani Ma
    Shivani Ma
    Yoga and meditation facilitator

Inner work, meditation are all pathways to deepen our relationship with ourselves, the

world channel, nature’s natural knowing and life. Welcome to the inner journey of allowing

and using the breath to assist in diving deep into the known and unknown of yourself. This

gentle guided channel is for everyone at every level as an experiential opportunity to know

yourself and what moves you in these times.


Melinda has over 25 years’ experience as a holistic wellness practitioner. She is an Accredited

Counsellor and holistic Psychotherapist, a Reiki master and teacher, practises clinical Hypnotherapy,

QHHT and is a remedial sports massage therapist.


Melinda’s mission is to support individuals and families to connect with themselves and find resolve

using one’s body to discover what they don’t know about themselves, resulting in pathways toward

self-healing. Melinda’s ability to stay present and empathic in a healing environment that is inspired

by nature, helps to create space for and weave a little more happiness, zest and connectedness into

others’ lives.

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Yoga Hub Yoga for Seniors
  • Nicolene Skinner
    Nicolene Skinner
    Yoga Facilitator

Combining gentle and supportive movements with creative sequencing. Nicolene enjoys a spirit of heartfelt playfulness, meditative moments and a dose of inspiration to help deepen your practice.

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Virtual Gym Qi Gong for Health and Longevity
  • John Dolic
    John Dolic
    Qi Gong and Martial Arts Master

John was drawn to China in a quest to study Kung Fu and Martial Arts, where he went on to spend 9yrs learning also about Qi Gong and TCM. He became one of the first westerners to graduate the 6yr course from the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has lectured in Acupuncture, and offers Chinese medicine healing, natural health support, qi gong and martial arts training, as well as educating people on how to use Taoism, Buddhism and other disciplines to greatly improve their life. He has appeared on TV ‘Mornings with Kerry Anne’, radio interviews, had articles in the Sunday Telegraph and various radio interviews. John holds regular workshops, seminars and courses worldwide.

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Morning Moves MEDITATION WALKING - Boost your happy hormones!
  • Shivani Ma
    Shivani Ma
    co-founder of the Sunrise Yoga and Meditation Academy (SYAMA)
Learn the basics steps of dynamic mindfulness so when you go for your next walk, you can apply the techniques and get into the 'flow state'. You will feel more energised, productive, and happy for the rest of your day. 

Shivani is co-founder of the Sunrise Yoga and Meditation Academy (SYAMA) and founder of Wisdom Training - both platforms deliver professional development trainings in mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. Shivani is also a remedial massage therapist and has expertise in chronic pain management and women's wellness. Training in Japan, China, and India, she has presented her trainings around the world from Bali, to Spain, and the Czech Republic. Shivani lived abroad for 13 years, and moved back to the Shire when she became pregnant with her now, 9 year old, son. "The Shire is without a doubt the best place to live in the world and I'm filled with gratitude that I can be a part of the Shire Wellbeing Festival".
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Celebrity Cafe with Susie Maroney - Mindset and resilience
  • Susie Maroney
    Susie Maroney
    Champion Long Distance Swimmer and mum of 3

At the early age of 14, she won the USA Long Distance Championships, and then at 15 became the youngest and fastest Australian to swim the English Channel. Considering Susie began swimming as a young child to case her symptoms of asthma, it is easy to understand why she has become an inspiration to young swimmers everywhere.

Susie captured the world’s attention in June 1999, when she completed the world’s longest open water swim, from Mexico to Cuba, swimming almost 200 kilometers over 38 hours; the marine equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. This feat was achieved a little over a year after she undertook the world’s first swim from Cuba to Florida, a distance of 180 kilometers, following her non-stop swim from Cuba to US Territorial Waters in 1996.

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Cooking Corner Recipes to Support Immunity
  • Greer Calabro
    Greer Calabro
    Nutritionist, Naughty Nutrition Co.

Never has there been more focus on ways to support our immunity, join Greer from Naughty Nutrition Co for a half hour of simple, nutritious recipes designed to help support your bodies healthy immune system response.


- Salmon Laksa

- Butter Chicken with turmeric rice

- Anti-inflammatory smoothie

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Shire Sounds Dylan Wright
  • Dylan Wright
    Dylan Wright

Dylan Wright is a singer/songwriter brought up on Sydney’s southern beaches. Still only in his 20’s, Wright’s lyrics and vocals deliver a uniqueness and maturity well beyond his years. With a unique way of articulating lyrics and creating catchy melodies, Wright’s songs express genuine emotion that leave audiences finding themselves instantly immersed with Dylan’s mellow and awe inspiring tracks at his live shows. Dylan has a vocal and songwriting depth beyond his years in his laid back folk blues pop style. 

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Energy Summit Finding your X Factor: Boosting Energy and Performance

Energy is everything and we all need energy to live our lives. In this highly practical session, discover some simple ways that you can optimise your own energy, increase vitality and set yourself up for success. 


Sean Hall -

As Founder and Chief Energiser of Energx, Sean works with Australian organisations and individuals who share the belief that the most valuable, sustainable and high growth potential asset they have is their collective energy and creativity.

Benjamin Haynes - Benjamin is an ayurveda specialist and his talk will be focused on the practical things we can do to support our personal health and wellbeing

Anuraj Gambir - Anuraj is an innovation specialist and will help people understand the wearables available and how to use exponential technology to develop holistic wellbeing

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Life Skills The HSC and doing your best in times of uncertainty - For Parents
  • Katrina Mulcahy
    Katrina Mulcahy

Being the best version of yourself in the HSC year and in these times of change and uncertainty – for parents.

Katrina Mulcahy has been supporting parents to help them navigate options to find the best support for their children.  Katrina has been working with some of Australia’s top athletes and their parents to best manage themselves and achieve their goals in their high-performance elite environment. 

This presentation explores positive options for parents of children in their HSC year.  This HSC year is a time in a student’s life that becomes demanding for high performance behaviour and a continual ability for positive mindset, emotional intelligence and wellbeing management.  This presentation will explore how elite athletes sustain their high performance behaviours and in particular in this challenging period with COVID -19.  Katrina will discuss the theory behind change, transition and useful techniques and strategies for HSC students.  The objective is to share frameworks and insights to help you to find good in this challenging period and be the best version of yourself as a parent.  The focus is on how to sustain a positive home environment and a positive parenting options.

Katrina Mulcahy of is a Wellbeing and Performance Coach with over 20 years’ experience helping people to break through unnecessary road blocks to achieve their personal goals. Working with some of Australia’s leading organisations and sporting institutions, Katrina promotes high performance behaviours and wellbeing management frameworks.  She understands the importance of creating learning opportunities for people to become self-aware and be accountable for their own development. Katrina believes that the process towards achieving a goal needs to be enjoyable and this process enjoyment is as important as achieving the actual goal.

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Wellness Zone Nature and Writing for Wellbeing
  • Phil Smith
    Phil Smith
    Educator, Sustainable Schools Initiative
  • Hollie Berrie Sleeman
    Pyschotherapist/Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Gabriella Ming
    Transpersonal Counsellor and Shamanic Healer

Wellness Zone: Nature and Writing for Wellbeing w Phil Smith

This practical workshop develops and promotes the importance of having a voice – using your written words to connect with nature and your creative self.


After a dozen years as a teacher and leader in schools, Phil worked with the NSW EPA where he developed, managed and reviewed a wide range of environmental education initiatives. Then, in 2002, as Manager Education at Resource NSW, Phil collaborated with the Department of Education to develop the NSW Sustainable Schools Program. This involved extensive review of early, regional and international approaches, and the exploration of possible frameworks and models for sustainable schools. In 2005, Phil oversaw the first major evaluation of the NSW program. He has been working as an independent education consultant since late 2005. During this time, he has worked with Save the Children on Nauru, taught part-time in schools, conducted professional development for schools and community groups, worked part-time in teacher training programs at WSU, and kick-started a number of initiatives, including Speaking 4 the Planet – an Arts-based approach to sustainability education.

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Creative Corner Brett Bower - Learning Creative Confidence.
  • Brett Bower
    Brett Bower
    Professional cartoonist

A fun look at how children learn to draw and develop their creativity.  Proving we can all

develop our drawing skills as we scribble cartoons and portraits revealing we have far

more talent than we think.


“Creativity is a muscle that needs to be stretched”

Brett Bower is a Sydney based cartoonist whose professional career has spanned over

30 years.  Brett believes all people are innately creative and he enjoys the challenge of

fostering creative thinking on practically any topic.  Highly sought after, Brett Bower has

spoken and illustrated his way around the world from his hometown of Sydney

throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK, North America, and Asia.

Brett supports several charities and has twice been the Ambassador for Autism Spectrum

Australia. His ongoing relationship supporting Ronald McDonald House has now

surpassed fifteen consecutive years.

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Skills Workshop How to mindfully declutter your home and turn it into your sanctuary.
  • Bulbul Beri
    Bulbul Beri
    Personal and Business organiser
Bulbul Beri is a personal and business organiser, with a keen eye for detail, great spatial awareness and a love of design and aesthetics.
Passionate about creating harmonised and systemised home and office spaces, Bulbul has a knack of maximising the potential of a space to create beautiful, uniquely personal, organised areas to relax, create and inspire.
Her finance and coaching qualifications, coupled with her experience in small business, planning and organisation, have equipped her with  proven techniques to help her clients make their own decisions to declutter and empower themselves by making space for new opportunities in their lives. She approaches each client’s situation with respect, gentleness and non judgement and her clients   often surprise themselves by how quickly they can detach from their stuff and let things go that no longer serve them.
Mindfulness Meditation Yoga Nidra
  • Meagan Ibanez
    Meagan Ibanez
    Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

One of the most accessible gateways into our centre is through the practice of stillness. This style of meditation, gently and simply guides a pulling inward of the sensory body. From here we can enter into deepening states of our already whole and complete nature. A state prior to a mind that thinks and defines its worldly experiences. ‘Yoga Nidra’ is a powerful practice that softens our outward reactions and relations to the world at large. This same awareness can then be redirected to the inner calm of true sight and even deeper insight. Come join this experience of discovering a journeying without distance. A direct link from yourself to the union of true self.

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Sunrise Meditation ‘Meditation for Oneness’
  • Anandi Graham
    Anandi Graham
    Meditation facilitator

As we move through these changing times, Anandi works with you in releasing energy that is no longer needed to create the space to bring in the new. Harnessing the Gemini new moon energy that we have just passed through, with its focus on transport, education, communication and community. The twin energy brings in a time to set new goals, give up old habits, release karmic ties and energies. The moon then shifts on the festival weekend to Virgo and brings in routine, enhancement of skills and practical application of these realisations, creating personal and powerful manifestation.

A Holistic Therapist Anandi offers Energy healings, Crystal therapy, Energy meditations, Gestalt Therapy, and Facial Reflexology. With all of this you are offered tools, and information that responds directly to you, to assist you in your journey of Self Healing. Anandi is passionate about the work she does, and holds space, for each individual, or group with integrity, respect and love. 

Yoga Hub Louise Eddy
  • Louise Eddy
    Louise Eddy
    Yoga teacher and facilitator

Louise is passionate about her practice and her understanding of yoga. Teaching since 2001 she currently teaches at the Masonic Hall in Cronulla with her own Business  In Motion Lifestyle Centre, she also works with The YOGA Foundation supporting patients mental health at St Vincent’s hospital.

Teaching beginners, prenatal, seniors, mum’s n bubs, elite athletes right through to the general population, Louise offers a range of practices such as ashtanga, vinyasa, energetic sequences and meditation classes. Having studied Yoga at Nature Care College and India, Positive Psychology, Trauma aware yoga and Ayurveda Lifestyle counselling, has supported and enhanced her own yoga practices and teachings.

Her depth of integrated somatic knowledge is passed onto her students.  Her journey in life has led her to study and practice yoga for the past 20+yrs. She gives thanks for the knowledge that has been passed along from the teachers and students before that have paved the way for the journey of yoga as it is in the west. She teaches from her heart with gratitude and love.

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Virtual Gym Wellbeing benefits of Martial Arts training
  • Jim Sheedy
    Jim Sheedy
    Tae Kwon Do Master

Join James as he demonstrates and discusses the benefits of martial arts and wellbeing

Join James as he demonstrates and discusses the benefits of martial arts on wellbeing.

James Sheedy started training in 1975 in the traditional art of Tae-Kwon-Do. Since that time James has trained and taught literally thousands of students with hundreds obtaining the rank of 1st Degree Blackbelt with some Blackbelts obtaining 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Degree ranks.

Currently we have a number of Senior Blackbelts / Instructors that have trained continuously for nearly 30 years, offering an excellent variety of experience.

All classes are taught by Master Instructor James Sheedy, 6th Degree Blackbelt, internationally accredited. With over 35 year’s experience, 


James has trained extensively overseas with some of the best martial artists in the world.

His reputation for developing a dynamic and innovative fighting system has allowed his students to become some of the best and most effective Blackbelts in the country.

James established and taught Tae-Kwon-Do at Macquarie, Sydney and NSW Universities for 18 years. He has also taught the Australian Defence Force which included personnel stationed at Garden Island, Williamstown Air Force Base, 3 RAR Holsworthy and Reserve Commando Regiment at St Ives, as well as members of the police force. James has also conducted stretching programmes for prominent NRL football teams and other sporting organisations.

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Morning moves Pre-natal Yoga
  • Dana Gifford
    Dana Gifford
    Yoga teacher and facilitator

Prenatal Yoga incorporates safe, simple exercises, breathing exercises, relaxation, meditation and visualisation. You will develop strength and flexibility as you expand your awareness and communication between yourself and your baby. Prenatal yoga helps you to relax and enjoy this special time.

A 16 year background of RAD classical ballet and a fully qualified and accredited group fitness leader with Fitness Australia since 1993, Dana knew that yoga teaching was her destiny.

She began teaching yoga in 2001 and since that time has devoted her life to yoga teachings, having spent weeks away at the Sarasvati yoga ashram living and learning yoga. Dana completed her Diploma of yoga teaching through Sarasvati yoga association in January 2004. She continued her yoga studies, practice and teachings and in early 2008 Dana became a level 2 member of Yoga Teachers Association of Australia. Dana has full Teaching membership with International Yoga Teachers Association IYTA and Yoga Australia and holds a Post Graduate diploma in Pre and Post Natal Yoga with International Yoga Teachers Association IYTA. She has also completed Magic Monkey Kids Yoga Training and Zenergy Yoga’s Training for Kids Yoga including  toddlers, children, tweens, teens and also Kid’s Yoga Therapy.

Dana has been teaching yoga for over 15 years. Her general hatha yoga classes are fun and energising, building strength, flexibility and healthy bodies and minds.

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Celebrity Cafe with Luke O'Shea, multi-award winning singer/songwriter, chatting about his roots in the Shire, spirituality, his songwriting process and much more.
  • Luke O'Shea
    Luke O'Shea
    Award-winning singer/songrwiter

"Growing up in Grays Point, as a kid, I had the bush, rivers and creeks as my backyard and it was truly magical. As a teen - and like all teenagers I suppose - I found it hard to understand my place in the world. I wasn’t indigenous but felt connected to country - I wasn’t Irish but had strong ancestry and biological ties to a country I’d never seen. I was a new Australian, with a short, confused and unspoken history and I can still feel the subtle feelings of dislocation and loss. 

Many years later, after a lot of travelling and soul searching, I began to understand my role. As an educator and musician I found the fastest way to to connect and illuminate another human to a new way of thinking - was through song - and so the deliberate focus of attempting to deepen that connection to self, country and to link our black and white histories began” - Luke O'Shea

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Cooking Corner Learn to make Goan style dahl and spiced Chai tea
  • Vicki Hansen
    Vicki Hansen
    ChaiWalla and Sri Lankan cooking exponent

Ever wanted to know the secrets of making delicious dahl (lentil curry) and Chai tea?  Tune in to watch Vicki, a long time veteran of Indian and Sri Lankan cooking, making both of these mouth watering dishes.

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Shire Sounds with Golden Guitar winner Luke O'Shea
  • Luke O'Shea
    Luke O'Shea
    Award-winning singer/songrwiter

Sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful musical storytelling of Luke O'Shea, 11 times Golden Guitar winner

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Community and Connection Summit Connecting with each other and Mother Earth

Connections to land and people, taking care of mother earth and our communities, sustainable living.

Life Skills Vision Board Workshop
  • Robbie Moloney
    Robbie Moloney
    Vision Board facilitator

Vision Board Workshop:

We know it is critical to stay in the present - NOW is also a great opportunity to

reflect & reset enabling you to consider more thoughtfully what your future ‘best case scenario’ looks like! In our workshop we will explore the process of creating a

Vision Board - I have no doubt Vision Boards work!   I look forward to our time

together, gaining clarity and building a true sense of confidence & excitement about  our future! Robbie is a facilitator & coach with over 25 years experience in Australia and overseas.   Her specialty lies in soft skills development including sales, client service, leadership & coaching.   In recent years she has diversified her corporate experience

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Sacred Closing Ceremony
  • Jackie Harvey
    Jackie Harvey
  • Gariela Ming
    Gariela Ming
  • Peter Bajic
    Peter Bajic

Our closing ceremony includes; a guided shamanic journey of ancestry, country and community being guided by sounds of traditional flute, drum and rattle.

Jackie Harvey 

With a background and training in Social sciences, Literary performing arts in Maori Composition, Jackie has spent her life learning various Whare Waananga - Higher Schools of learning with Maori teachers and guides. She applies her ancestral and teachers guidance, in her face to face and online sessions and workshops, in Romi Romi - Traditional Moari Healing and Maori Mahi Tai - Arts & Crafts.

Gabriela Ming

At the heart of all things, nature is the one thing that has always made sense to me.

I am a modern-day medicine woman, earth-based counsellor, shamanic practitioner, teacher and vision quest facilitator.

Peter Bajic
Pete's philosophy in his business ‘Hum’ with his wife Connie is that “everything in life is a vibration, an energy exchange, a continual Hum of sound vibrating at different frequencies creating life. You are born with your own unique fingerprint. You are also born with your own unique vibrational frequency of energy – a personal song, a deep inner wisdom if you like. When life flows freely, your frequencies are raised, you feel light, healthy and alive.” His healing work in Sound Journey Facilitation, Ambient Percussion, Biofield Tuning and Reiki is to guide you towards your inner wisdom and to reclaim your personal song through sound and energy – raising your Hum of Life.

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